who we are
Injakayu Terpadu, the name INJA” which stands for INDONESIA – JAPAN was founded in 20 Juli 1988, starting as sawmill which later on became a small wood working mill.

In 1994, due to financial reason, Injakayu Terpadu was taken over by Bank Mandiri (Bank Bumi Daya previously), which later on were being sold to the new investor in which until today become the sole owner of the company.

Several ways of investment included new machineries were done to increase the company’s performance and obtaining new market in Europe and United States besides Japan. In 1998, Injakayu Terpadu was able to produce finish coated product such as doors and housing component for Japan market. In the same year Injakayu was able to produce ready to use wood product for its end user customers.

In 2003, when raw material coming from natural forest became scarce, the company were doing reengineering on its production process turning the company around into making products with sustainable and ecological friendly base raw material. The decision was proven right after years to come and until today the company is making its well progress, while the next following year the company manage to pay all its bank loan on time.

Since 2006 Injakayu Terpadu became a factory fully producing blockboard and plywood with sustainable raw material.

Today, Injakayu Terpadu exports its product to all over the world to countries including Japan, Middle East, South East Asia, North Africa and Europe